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Thread: Error ***

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    Unregistered Guest

    Error ***

    Hi Guys!
    I've been trying to use my e-mail for almost 2 weeks now but evrytime i access my e-mail i received an error meesage like this.

    Unable to process request at this time -- error ***
    Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

    Return to Yahoo!

    can u please help me. Thanks!

    send me e-mail@

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    Annonymous Guest

    Thumbs up R.E. Error *** Message

    Yea recently yahoo have been resetting a lot of their servers. It's either due to the server being down at the time you are attempting to access your email. Or your IP has been banned on that server (which only lasts 24 if on cable or Dsl, or if you're on dial-up just disconnect from the net and reconnect). So best bet is to just try again later because unless you are attempting to crack yahoo accounts then it's the server that's down.

    ~Knowledge Equals Power~

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    Unregistered Guest


    Actually this error occures if you are accessing yahoo mail through proxy (MS Proxy, ISA etc). But works fine with Direct address.

    Not sure whether Proxy requests are not allowed by yahoo!!

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    Neil Parks Guest

    Angry Error ***

    I too have been getting frequent Error *** when trying to log on to Yahoo mail.

    There is a workaround: Start from [url]http://btyahoo.com[/url] . When you get to the login prompt, enter your complete email address, e.g. "user****x@**********" sted just "user****x".

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    Jan 2005

    i think this is solution to error *** yahoo mail

    hii friends
    i think there is just a small settings change to solve error *** yahoo mail problem
    even i encountered the same problem and couldnot access my account for seven days.
    thanx god it is solved now.
    i might be able to provide you solutions to solve it
    mail me at [email]sachin.bhayana@**********[/email]

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    Unregistered Guest
    I got the same problem 2, i`ve changed my ip and that works

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    Unregistered Guest
    I would have to say that either changing the IP Address or attempting to wait untill the server accepts your request. One way to tell if the servers will accept your request from the current IP Address is to go in to the command prompt and ping mail.********** and see if the packets returned matches the packets sent and what % of a loss you have to that server.
    The Yahoo mail servers usually ban the IP Address for *6 hours tops. When you get to the point that that yahoo servers themselves won't accept your request then you have a problem.

    I Know this because i work for the company that runs the servers.

    "sometimes it takes someone else to give you the DUH... answer."

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    Unregistered Guest
    I doubt it has to do with IP address because if I clean all my IE cache, history, etc. and then restart IE I can then login to one of my other Yahoo accounts, just not the one where I received the *** error and I am still at the same IP address. My opinion is it has to do with bandwidth being used by your account. This didn't used to be an issue (as far as I know) back when free accounts were limited to 2MB of storage space and the email attachment size was also restricted. I have seen this when I haven't logged into an account for a while and I have lots of messages waiting with attachments that I then download. It also seems to be possibly based on the load Yahoo sees on their end (more users accessing site, less bandwidth they will allow during that time?).

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    manan_h15 Guest

    Post hi

    error ***

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    Unregistered Guest
    the btayoo way works perfect

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    chickensoup 99 Guest

    Angry btyahoo works

    loggin via this and u can access ur yahoomail

    sachinbhai wazzap(junior). are u into making some ***** outta peoples distress

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    Unregistered Guest

    Error *** on Yahoo

    Sometimes, going through btyahoo won't work either!! I don't know how to fix the problem but have found a work-around.

    You need to find somewhere on the web that has an email address you can click on while you're logged in to Yahoo home page (the threads on this forum have a couple). This will take you into the yahoo Compose Mail screen. Near the top, you'll see all the tabs and one of them is Mail. Click on that and you're away. Works for me - hope it works for you too. Lunacy or what !!!!!!

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    Unregistered Guest
    Try secure option during signing-in. That should help.

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    Feb 2005

    Lightbulb Workaround to "error ***"

    Yay! I've finally come up with a pretty good workaround for this problem!

    I have four Yahoo mail accounts and also use ePrompter to automatically check them (no, unfortunately, it doesn't work real well with Yahoo), and I get the "error ***" message on one account or another almost every day. Here's a workaround that seems to give access to the "unavailable" mail accounts pretty consistently; it requires the use of Yahoo! Messenger, so you'll need to have it installed on the computer from which you want to do this.

    Log into Yahoo! Messenger using the account name you want to access. Select "Yahoo! Account Info" from the Messenger menu. It should open a browser window, ask you for the password on the account, then show you your account information. Click "Finished" in the account info window. Then click the "Mail" link in the upper left hand corner.

    This should give you access to the account most of the time. Good luck!

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    Unregistered Guest


    Security Experts!

    Just so you know, if you really want to keep your privacy; don't ever use the yahoo mail from messenger or the yahoo toolbar, if you have those you are better off uninstalling those because those software log on to yahoo directly, the proxies are usually for ssl, http, gopher and certain other port, while all software other than the browser use custom ports, which is **% is not handled by the proxy. So watch out! Also if you want privacy use firefox and install the proxy extension and the user agent switcher estension and always use them and make your user agent something like [zero] in all fields because based on your user agent pattern and ip usage I can figure out a lot about you and i am not even thinking genious security anlysts who know much more than i do...

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