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Thread: Whereabouts by IP Address

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    Post Whereabouts by IP Address

    I am new to computers, are you able to tell where a person is computing from there IP Address, what I mean is can you get details right down to their home address?

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    I am curious about that as well.

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    Originally posted by Unregistered
    I am curious about that as well.
    Yes indeed, in some case, we can also tell his blood type, and get a DNA spectrogram.
    In cases it a female, we can find what was her last period date and even check if she's pregnant.
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    That was a little mean...

    It is very circumstantial. If the user is coming from a webserver that has their whois information pointing to their physical location then your answer is YES. If you get someones IP and NOTE times and malicious activity they cause, you can give it to their ISP and they might provide you with a physical adress. It is possible, but not likely- I would say a *8% chance you will never get a physical locaion from an IP adress.

    About DNA... Funny you mention that~ Ask bill gates about the chips he has installed in his family to climate control each room of the house to the persons body temp as they move about.
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