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Thread: key***rd does'nt work can't log on to XP as administrator

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    key***rd does'nt work can't log on to XP as administrator

    is there anyway around this. can't uninstall or do anything without admin. privileges. have HP computer. currently logged on w/son's name and using on screen key***rd. was using logitech cordless kb. old kb won't work either but it does work on other computer. have tried obvious solutions --batteries, plugs, ec...


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    maybe this can help you:

    To start a program as an administrator
    In Windows Explorer, click the program executable file that you want to open.
    Press SHIFT and hold, right-click the program icon, and then click Run as.
    To log on using an Administrator account, click The following user.
    In User name and Password, type the Administrator account name and password that you want to use.

    Use this procedure if you want to perform administrative tasks when you are logged on as a member of another group, such as Users or Power Users.
    If you want to run a program as a domain administrator, in User name, type the name of the domain followed by the administrator account name. For example:

    Use of Run as is not limited to Administrator accounts.
    If you try to start a program, such as an MMC console or Control Panel item, from a network location using Run as, it could fail if the credentials used to connect to the network share are different from the credentials used to start the program. The credentials used to run the program might not be able to gain access to the same network share.
    If Run as fails, the Secondary Logon service may not be running. For more information, click Related Topics.
    You can also use Run as from the command prompt. For more information, click Related Topics.
    The Secondary Logon service accepts only password authentication. If policies require smart card logon, then Run as will not work.

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    key***rd doesn't work at all. will try as much as i can but won't be able to hold down shift.

    was able to paste password but can't enter it.

    cordless mouse works.

    exclam point is on key***rd in device manager. says problem in registry.

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    key***rd problem

    has the problem been resolved??

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    Re: key***rd problem

    Originally posted by Unregistered
    has the problem been resolved??

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    How did you fix it? I'm having the same problem. I've got 2 key***rds hooked up, one usb and wireless, the other ps2, and neither of them works when windows prompts me to type in my password when booting into winxp. I'd really like to hear what you did to fix the problem.

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