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Thread: private information

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    private information


    you know when you r watching a film and some hacker or cracker if you prefer gets a profile on you telling them everything that you have ever done in your life, even things you don't know. i was just wondering if this was posible and if it is then how do you do this and where would you look.

    p.s. if n e one also knows how to find people over the internet n e help would b appriciated


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    I don't know about the scenerio you put forth...

    I'm more familiar with the smartass who thinks they have true anonymity on the net and can say or do anything to strangers without consequences. This type of person usually isn't too computer savvy, or intelligent, in the first place. Chances are they've used part or all of their real name or location in an email addy, Yahoo profile, ***rd postings, etc.

    Google known handles for posts or places they might have registered in under the same name. This person has an ego to feed. Start an intelligence file on them as things might not fall together right away and pieces of the puzzle add up. It's up to you to make it happen.

    With some hard work and a little luck you might find out their name and general location. You might have it all in an hour too. Then go to to see if there's a listing for them. You may have to narrow it down from several entries by calling them at home, just dial #67 (in some areas) to hide your phone # from caller ID.

    If you've done the legwork and luck has been with you, you can call them up at *am, address them by their online persona or provide information as needed so they know they've been discovered, and let them know what a good idea it is to treat people they meet online with respect. That's all that needs to be said, threats are not necessary or wise. They've run out of things to say and will pretty much agree with anything you say. Keep it short and sweet.

    In the circumstance you can only find partial info, make the most of it. You're only limited by your imagination.
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