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Thread: Kick ass program.

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    Talking Kick ass program.

    Hey, i just wanted to share this program i have being using for about a year now, its called "kremlin Sentry" anyway, this progam can Enccrypt almost any file, excep from like my Computer and stuff, with RC4, Blowfish, or whatever you want, its great, it can also whipe your harddrive, securly delete files, and alot more! Get it at [url][/url] Click on "Looking for Kremlin' then just find where u can download the trial, you will need to pay like *0 buck american to register it to get all the algorithms, im not giving the code out, never, ever. *cough ********** cough* but anyways, go get it, and learn it! its great.

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    Otto Guest
    Please find another place on the Net to post serial numbers and cracks. It is not allowed in this forum.

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