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Thread: IP question?

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    IP question?

    I do not know very much about how TCP/IP works but I was wondering if it was possible to fool a website, that logs IPs, into thinking that I was at a specific location(my friends' PC)?

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    Well, it depends. Basically, all you need to do is visiting the Web site in question from your friend's IP address (if he's using a static IP address) or an IP address from the same ISP (if he's using a dynamic IP address). In the first case, the only option is to ask your friend to set up a proxy server on his computer. In the second case, you may want to search public proxy lists and try to find a proxy running in the IP address range of your friend's ISP.


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    I dont know about fooling the website into thinking that you were at your friends house... but I do know that you can go to [url]www.xroxy.com[/url] use an anymous proxy and the website will not beable to log your real ip.

    If you dont know how to use the proxy read below:

    First get a proxy from [url]www.xroxy.com[/url] Make sure that under the "type" colum you choose Anonymous. THen take the Ip Address and go to Tools, Internet Options or options (depends what browser you use) then go to Connection Settings under that you will see * bullet poiints at the top, select "Manual Proxy Configuration" then for HTTP Proxy paste in the ip you got from xroxy.com then for the port paste in the port next to the ip you got from Xroxy.com, then the site will have no clue who you are. =0


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    Thanks for the s***estions!

    What I would like to know now is; how to properly set up a 'proxy server' at my friends location... Does anyone know of a good program that will help me out?

    I tried using a program called 'CCProxy', for my purpose, but had problems using it... I emailed the program's support for help and they gave me this answer to the question I asked: "Hello, CCProxy can't hide your real IP. To let client access the Internet via CCProxy, clients must ping through the server." That answer confused me...

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated


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    Hi, thanks for the help, I did everything you said, however, I still cannot get my proxy to work. I have Proxyway... and the icon at the bottom of my screen is suppose to have black sunglasses on if it is working correctly, please help if you can....

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