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Thread: E-Border Client & Cute Ftp 4.2.2

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    Jane A. Guest

    Question E-Border Client & Cute Ftp 4.2.2

    Hi all!

    Anyone heard of E-border Client ([url][/url])?
    Does it provide full FTP anonymity if used with Cute FTP?


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    Hi Jane,

    According to Spychecker [url][/url] CuteFTP is spyware by Everad. Dunno how one can be anon running spyware unless one blocks spyware prog phone home IP. However, Hugh's Enemies Lists [url][/url] states that Everad can slip thru firewalls.

    Other sources indicate that CuteFTP is by Aureate Radiate, Globalscape... Hmm... Maybe you need to run a sniffer to see if it phones home?

    You wanna rid your comp of spyware? Try Ad-aware [url][/url]

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    Jane A. Guest

    Question Any Clues?

    Thanks, Blacksheep.

    Yes Cut FTP is by GlobalScape. I used it with the E-Border Client that supports socks and can have other applications run through it. I used the socks **5.2*5.*2.*5 &
    202.*6*.*27.* however I dunno for sure if my ftp connection was anonymous or not.

    Do you have any idea of how to anonymously use FTP. Any programs?

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    Jane A.: "Do you have any idea of how to anonymously use FTP. Any programs?"

    Sorry. I'm not a FTP guru. But, this subject has been discussed on the forum before. You might use forum search button for threads. Perhaps some kind reader will respond to your query. Good luck.

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