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Thread: Exodus Password Decryption

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    Exodus Password Decryption

    After analyzing a few exodus passwords i found the patterns that are used to encrypt the passwords that are stored on the local computer. If you would like the patterns PM me.
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    Not to resurrect a topic from the grave, but I found this on Google and wanted to follow up on it.

    Exodus encodes passwords in its configuration file using Base64.

    The relavent piece of code is:
    ptag := tag.GetFirstTag('password');
    if (ptag.GetAttribute('encoded') = 'yes') then
    Password := DecodeString(ptag.Data)
    Password := ptag.Data;
    Which begins on line *750 in /svn/v_0_*0_0_0/jopl/PrefController.pas.

    Hope this helps someone else in the future trying to decode the passwords Exodus stores in its configuration files.

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