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Thread: "Hacking" Myownemail.com?

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    Unregistered Guest


    It amazes me that, although the company myownemail receives *****, it is not able to put on any kind of explanation whatsoever on the web.

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    Unregistered Guest
    ive been told that some of my emails have not been getting through either, even though its been coming up message sent!

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    De|sT Guest

    Fuckin' jerks!

    I'm really truly hoping all the fucking bastards behind this now late crap mail-provider will suffer and die a *000 deaths!!!
    Would actually eviscerate them myself gladly! Not only them but all their families and friends while I'm at it!!!!

    Bloody scum...

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy grasshopper_xla

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Hi everyone, it's bad that myownemail is down, but it's good to know that it's not just me! will ever work again?!!

    I guess that pretty much sums it up?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Talking Moe

    Well, you dumb fucks. You should have known better than to put all of your trust in an email like that in the first place. I only used MOE for junk mail. I never could figure out why people are so STUPID! I guess that if people will elect BUSH for a second term then I can see why they are so DUMB that they put their trust in an email like myownemail. SHEESH! Now you want to cry about it! GET A LIFE!

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    Unregistered Guest

    possible address for hate mail

    Contact Info for myownemail.com:

    *00 Executive Dr
    Slidell, LA

    +* *85 726 0*28, Fax: +* *85 64* 78*7

    I haven't tried it yet - obviously the email won't work!

    By the way, they do have my alternative address- several years ago they used it when they had a crisis.
    Personally, I never relied on it for anything important but I will be unhappy if I can't get to my old msgs & address book.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation UnHappy MailerDaemon

    i've had them for over 7 years - since i first found them in ***7. Back then, i was GoLeft-at-TurnHere.com, but then they sold that domain. i've since had * other addresses, and i've never had a problem with them, *EVER*. Complain all you want about them, it won't get you anywhere. While they *DO* have the *responsibility* of telling their users what happened, they might not be able to. Once that cable is fixed, who knows what will happen. Complaining and swearing about it in the public domain does nothing, gets you nowhere, and only infuriates those who are regular users of this forum. So please - take your hatred and point it toward a more purposeful goal, like anti-war slogans, or campaigning your local government representatives to stop actions overseas or at home - whatever, i don't care. Just leave our forum in peace to those of us who use it regularly. Thank you.

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    Unregistered Guest


    At least something should be done. A lot of people's lives are affected here. Perhaps someone else should take over. We all need our email!!!

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    Unregistered Guest

    it's probably not the cable

    internet service has been restored to Pakistan - 2 days ago
    It is apparently still possible that the cable is the cause, since service is only trickling back (or so I read elsewhere).

    While I can certainly appreciate anger over childish profane rants, as a community activist since (likely) before you were born, I don't really feel like apologizing for invading your forum with useful information like the company's phone number and up-to-date news on cable repair, or the fact that the service had been failing in reliability for some time. Seems like you might actually appreciate facts rather than speculation. I was merely looking for explanations & stumbled upon a PUBLIC forum which seemed to supply a few. Make it private if you don't want information from other sources.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation UnHappy MailerDaemon

    To the Unregistered User/Guest/"Cindy" (?), i wasn't trying to aim my comments towards you. In fact, i applaud your googling for news on the issue. My comments are directed to those other users who swore on the previous pages. Since i haven't been able to get to my e-mail for almost * weeks, and every few months or so there is a day or two when i can't access my mail, i know that something else is at hand for them. i'll find another service, and hopefully, MOE will one day show up again soon.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry omg

    i know; why is "myownemail" not working? wtf is up with that, i can't check for any of my lost passwords due to this malfunction , is there any possible way to get into "myownemail" ?? i really need to know,

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    saffron Guest
    I really wish I could just check my mail once more. I am glad I found this thread I couldn't find info on this POS site going down. For me I noticed I wasn't receiving email and then I found out my outgoing emails were not being received. I checked it often to see if service was back I even created other accounts to see if they had service. Some times a new account would work right after it was created for in and outgoing mail but not after you would log into it again. I tried contacting them through many mail accounts I could figure they used but there WHOIS entries are practicly blank.
    Next I noticed there adserver.myownemail.com was down too and shit now I can't even resolv their domain names. Anyone have IPs? Any news would be appriciated.

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    Adelaide Guest
    Use a fucking Yahoo or Hotmail account people! At least they are trustworthy companies! Why can't you use Outlook Express either. Your internet provider should grant you an email address! I am *2 years old and I know this! God, how are people this stupid. And I agree about that people using this account as a main account are probably the ones who elected Bush. I hate America because of all the shitty stupid people.

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    Unregistered Guest
    comparing electing bush to myownemail users.....dumbass

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    Unregistered Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Contact Info for myownemail.com:

    By the way, they do have my alternative address- several years ago they used it when they had a crisis.
    Personally, I never relied on it for anything important but I will be unhappy if I can't get to my old msgs & address book.


    After googling and yahoo-ing to find ANYthing about MOE (no, it was NOT my "main" e-mail provider; I may look goofy, but I AIN'T stoopid!), I managed to find this 'forum' - thank you all who provided SOME information.

    I don't expect it ever will come back again, but like Cindy, I AM really Royally Pissed™ that my address-books there are most likely GONE.
    *sigh*.... oh well, at least I have most of that crap on my SnotMail account, but still..... it's the principle of the thing, dammit.

    Ah, well.
    Thanks anyway. At least now I know why I couldn't bring it up no matter how hard I tried.


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