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Thread: "Hacking"

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    Unregistered Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    I agree with Adelaide. This person who replied to this is probably one of those dummies who voted for Bush so just look at the source. They would sell someone out in a minute to make themselves more comfortable.
    Thank you!

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    Adelaide Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    And what someone who's only *2 years old may fail to grasp is that back in the day, well before Microsoft bought Hotmail, MOE was one of the best free email services out there. It was definitely better than Hotmail which was incredibly primitive andf hard to use, Yahoo didn't even do email then. MOE was so good in fact that I even paid for its service, both to use it as a redirector and as a POP accessible mailbox, and for many years I couldn't have been happier. And remember that up until two or three years ago when Microsoft and Yahoo stepped up their spam-filtering any Hotmail or Yahoo account with a decent was virtually unusable because of the amount of spam it attracted.

    There is no way that using your ISP's mail account could ever be good advice for any average person, I've moved house * times in the last *0 years, changed internet provider 6 or 7 times, and through all of that managed to keep one email address that everyone knows and everyone can contact me on. Try managing that with your ISP's free email address.

    Now MOE has been giving steadily worse service for about the last year and a half, and last time my subs came up for renewal I had to think long and hard about renewing, so I decided to give them one more year, and during that tiume I'd transition all of my email services away from them to an email address that I actually own, as opposed to just renting from them. Am I glad I did that!

    Over the last year and a half I've frequently had times where their service was completely inaccessible or silently dropping emails for 2 or * days at a time, but it always came up on the monday afternoon (after a complaint email), so I wasn't too worried this time, until I looked into it.

    And of course now their home page is coming up showing the domain name has been bought and is parked on a reseller's page, so I don't think any of us are getting our email accounts back people.
    Well, as I have used the internet since I was 5, and my father has used it since it's public existence, I would know what email providers are the best. I didn't hope to get my account back anyway. Verizon is my main service provider and it has continued to work. Earthlink, Comcast, and many others have brought to my door internet service. Please do not mimic my age, nor my availability of internet regarding my age. I was only stating my opinion. I did not mean to cause any harm to this ***rd.

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    Vanessa Guest

    Arrow domains

    It seems the domain myownemail has an owner now, but specific e-mail domains are still timing out.
    If someone registers the domain it used to use on his personal e-mail, the person will have to spend a lot of bandwidth receiving other people's e-mail.
    Would it be worth it?
    Is anyone willing to register it?

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    Unregistered Guest
    Well i've been with this service since it was known as 'starmail', or rather since moe bought starmail. And i agree that in the early days it was a great webmail-service and only in the recent few years slowly turned into shit.

    But all in all i'm not really surprised it just dissapeared, even though its quite annoying and i did save some semi-important stuff there :/

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down

    Well this is great but the last line from the below website states the following: "However, PTCL has said it will make arrangements to avoid any disruptions in the future."

    Well has been down since June 27th and it used to go down at least once a week as is. They should have a back up server or at least send out email to all users that have accounts on there. I mean I have/had an account there but I was never happy with it because you could only store so many emails etc and the format just sucked.. I was getting ready to move my listings from it to my gmail account (which I have to say is one of the best) but BAM this shit happens. Now I'm trying to figure out what the hell I had going to that account... Sucks... Luckly I had nothing important, like jobs or something.. Just forums and listings that I think of and plenty of spam so that I'm glad of... doh..

    Well if someone knows of a way to get to at least your account to see what you had in there prior to June 27th can someone let me know at [email]morbiousx@**********[/email].


    Quote Originally Posted by wreakhavoc
    B.S. The internet is down in all of Pakistan except for the few who have satellite internet service.



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    Jul 2005
    Well, indeed. If anyone knows anything...
    It sucks to have an account gone all of a sudden. Not intensely used, but still...
    Now all those domains are just owned by some stupid domain-gatherer...

    So who got more info?!

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    ash Guest


    Mmmm i think it is strange *00%.

    they should warn you before hand..

    I had important emails on there

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    FUCK DOTSTER!!! Guest

    Angry Fuckitty Fuckitty Fuck Dotster!!!

    fucking dotster took over, using the domain name... you guessed it: . don't know why, cuz it's totally unrelated, but that's what i figured out from google. now, you might prove me wrong, but i doubt it. basicly, we shouldn't kill myownemail peeps... WE SHOULD FUCKIN FILE AWAY EVERY BODYPART FROM EVERY DOTSTER FUCKER WITH A FUCKING RAG, DAMMIT!!! WHY DON'T THEY JUST FUCK THEMSELVES!? AND ANY DOTSTER FUCKERS WHO READ THIS SHOULD FUCKITTY FUCKITTY FUCK THEMSELVES! DAMMIT I'M GONNA FUCKIN KILL THEM FOR THIS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HERE I COME, FUCKERS! JUST WAIT!!!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Nice one...

    I lost some semi-important stuff when just "poofed" away too. Some grades and stuff from my school.

    Anyway, i just wanted to give you all a little tip. Try the free mail [url][/url].
    2GB Inbox, 50MB attachments, Free POP-Service, Adressbook, Kalendar and some other neat stuff.
    AND they respond to supportmail extremely quick!

    Have a nice one.


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    cunts Guest


    dirty fuckers, they've just flushed our fucking accounts - right down the's fucking unacceptable...

    dirty arabs...can't trust them. if they're not blowing up buses they're fucking about with your email accounts.

    let's start our own holy war against these cunts.

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    ropable Guest

    all makes sense now

    Finally the pieces fall into place. I've been using a address since the *0's and it's never really let me down but don't I feel like a dickhead now. That damn Bin Laden's struck me right where it hurts.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Behave...dammit !


    I've been through a couple of post about myownemail ...
    I used to use several accounts (hopefully free...) on this service for about 6 years.... Nothing that important but it always sucks.... defenetely !

    What's striking me most is the way some of you guys talk about arabs or Pakistan. What do you know about them anyway ?? Are you at least capable to position their country on a map ???

    I fully understand and support your anger about myownemail managers... but some just are ass wipes or dickhead to write that way....

    Smells like pure "historical" texan spirit... basic thinking ... the level of a 2 year old boy intellect !

    We may not be gentlemen but... writing that way is quite ... amazing !

    To those who wrote that way.... keep on voting Bush butt monkeys ... I know you did !

    So long !

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    Grimmie Guest


    Registrar: DOTSTER
    Domain Name: MYOWNEMAIL.COM
    Created on: **-APR-*7
    Expires on: *2-APR-06
    Last Updated on: *0-JUL-05

    Administrative, ********* Contact:
    Email, No Ones [email][/email]
    Disabled, Disabled 00000

    Both phone # have been discounted.

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    Unregistered Guest


    im verys disapointed about this shit, why didnt they even warn before? i had several importent stuff on that, account passwords etc.. now im useless without them..

    goddamn i have been using that free mail for years and they just closed the shit down??

    // angry guy from sweden

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