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Thread: "Hacking"

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    Grimmie Guest

    Angry Mad Paid ********

    All this complaining and foul language for what you were using the FREE service you get what you pay for.


    I guess you can not trust the company they would stop sending my email and I would call them and they would then tell me my year was up. There was one time they had a excuse that was when there server was down because of a hurricane.


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    Unregistered Guest


    ugh. i hate this. i run an onlne rpg, and all my enterance forms went to adress. this really bites. we should all, like pettiton the company or something to at lest give us the emails we missed and our adresses. i have lost almost everything for my rpg because all adresses i use for it are in my adress book there! ugh. gmail is soooo much better, and i was switching over to it, but i had not had time to copy my freaking adress book yet!! i wish there was something we could do to get our emails back, at least for a day or two...

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    unhappy Guest

    Angry hacker on myownemail

    ok, i was surfing google trying to find an answere to why this stupid email account is down, and just after i found this thread, i found this (below) at [url]**/0020.html[/url]

    when i followed the mirror link i got this: patching your winnt box is a fucking dayjob uh? - [email][/email]

    so that means that was hacked by somebody and they musta done a really good job.

    Subject: [defaced] [url][/url] by rewben
    From: Munge (
    Date: Fri Nov 0* 2000 - 04:27:28 CST

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    Previous message: Munge: "[defaced] [url][/url] by rewben"
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    Defaced domain: [url][/url]
    Site Title: Quantum Computer Services

    Mirror: [url]**/0*/[/url]

    Defaced by: rewben

    Operating System: NT4
    Web Server: Microsoft-IIS/4.0
    Potentially offensive content on defaced page.


    This notice is being mailed as we take the mirror. It may not appear
    on the actual mirror at [url][/url] for
    a short time.

    Defaced subscriber count: **6*
    Total mirrors archived on Attrition: 8487

    To unsubscribe: mail with 'unsubscribe defaced'
    in the BODY of the mail.

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    BLueSS Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by unhappy
    ok, i was surfing google trying to find an answere to why this stupid email account is down, and just after i found this thread, i found this (below) at [url]**/0020.html[/url]

    Date: Fri Nov 0* 2000 - 04:27:28 CST
    Umm, no. Nice find, but nothing to do with this recent shutdown. Notice the DATE?! Nov. *, 2000... umm that's a little past and gone now.

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    Grimmie Guest

    Post info

    Quantum Computer Services Inc
    *00 Executive Drive
    Slidell, LA 70460

    Is the address and if any one lives in that area north of you could visit them they are north and west of the cos-way on Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell Louisiana.

    [url]*00+Executive+Drive&city= Slidell&state=la&zipcode=70460+[/url]

    All the phone numbers I have are bad now.

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    Grimmie Guest
    Aerial photo of where they are.

    [url]*&S=*0&Z=*6&X=**4*&Y=*67*0&W=*&qs=*00+Executive+Drive%7cSlidell%7cLA&Addr=*00+Executive +Dr%2c+Slidell%2c+LA+70460&ALon=-8*.825*82*&ALat=*0.*24848*[/url]


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    Grimmie Guest
    I found some email add fo some ppl that work there.

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    Unregistered Guest
    yes, poo poo on myownemail for their appalling lack of even a shred of decency.

    to simply vanish into the abyss of cyberspace, leaving untold numbers of yous' and mes' in the unpleasant throes of a discovery made ever more unpleasant by the (god knows why) faith that i held, until today, that surely a good reason must exist for this. trusting that hardship must have befallen the poor things... certain that the problem presented to me must be dwarfed by the problem being faced by the staff who would be charged with responsibility for maintaining a reliable system.... HA!! they value responsibility even less than they value common decency, even less than they value us..

    the cowards.... scallywags...

    slithering silently away with the good faith extended them by their benefactors drawn around themselves like a cloak. they steal off into miserable existances barracaded by a silence which brims with voices .... our voices, were the hearing left to them, would never be heard.

    mongrels. the lot of them.

    to think they have not the regard to extend any one of us even a mass mailed announcement, not a spot of the spam they were so fond of could be mustered to save us the wondering. to save any face. to so much as spit in the directon of common decency.

    leave them to rot.
    same as they left us to wonder and wonder while they slithered away as cold as you please with nary a word..


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    Unregistered Guest


    yeah... friggin e-mail service...
    so many free e-mail services to choose from and what are the chances i choose the one that just dissappears suddenly without a trace...
    i got into my e-mail about a month (maybe a bit longer??) ago and then suddenly i get sent to this stupid site... [url][/url]
    *sigh*... i'm almost sick of complainind now... but i'm sure a little more couldn't hurt...
    @#$%^*! @%#$$&@ what happened to my e-mail!!!!!!!!! i'll rip u limb from limb if i ever find u @#$%$@%!!!!!!!!!!!
    in conclusion may i just say to myownemail... *DIE BITCH DIE!*

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    Ex MOE user Guest


    I have lost valuable data from hacking in my account as a result of MOE disappearing. I desparately need their site back up with my account in tact. Does anyone know anything yet?

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    grimmie Guest
    I have made some phone calls to the Slidell area and sent some emails and a snail mail too. Nothing yet.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Haven't seen a new there anyway to recieve any of our information...any explanation to why they would shut down without any notice?

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    Kelli Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by F*CK DOTSTER!!!
    f*cking dotster took over, using the domain name... you guessed it: . don't know why, cuz it's totally unrelated, but that's what i figured out from google. now, you might prove me wrong, but i doubt it. basicly, we shouldn't kill myownemail peeps... WE SHOULD F*CKIN FILE AWAY EVERY BODYPART FROM EVERY DOTSTER F*CKER WITH A F*CKING RAG, DAMMIT!!!
    This is wrong. It has nothing to do with Dotster. Dotster purchased the domain after MyOwnEmail let their ownership lapse most likely. And, if they didn't, for some reason, it means that MyOwnEmail sold it to them voluntarily.

    So whining about Dotster isn't going to help.

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    Kelli Guest

    Exclamation Lessons Learned

    I realize that there are a lot of people who are upset about losing these e-mail addresses, and I'm not too happy about it, but this is one of life's big lessons. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    If you chose to have a free account rather than a reliable paid service, you got every penny's worth out of it: nothing. For the person who wanted to sue, it's hard to justify suing for something that was free.

    For those who say that you can't use your ISP's mail because you move often, you can get an ISP that is nation-wide or you can still get a paid-for mail service that is web-based.

    For those who paid a tiny bit for extra web space, you still should have realized that paying a pittance for extra web space at some place free isn't going to buy you much security.

    And last, this should be a lesson to everyone to SAVE A COPY OF YOUR ADDRESS BOOK. Everyone should do that. Paid service, free service, or whatever. If it's that valuable to you, then make a copy. On your disk. A paper print out. A CD Rom that you can keep in your desk drawer. At most, then, you'd lose a few days worth of new addresses until you made a new backup. If you're not backing up this, are you backing up your PC? Can you imagine what would happen if your hard drive crashed?!

    And, though it's bad enough to lose "casual" mail among friends or game playing groups, people who chose to have business mail or other important critical mail sent to a free e-mail address should think twice about using a reliable paid-for service for that stuff next time. Although "Free" and "Cheap" are nice, the level of service you get is paid for by what you pay...

    I'm thankful that I used my MOE e-mail address as an alternate for a couple mailing lists so that I didn't have to have my personal paid for address listed. All I needed to do was sign up for the lists again and request a few back digests.

    You may not get your data back this time -- indeed I'd be incredibly surprised if you did-- but instead of just complaining, use this as a learning experience to back up your data and address books!

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    Shadowolf Guest

    Sent a E-mail to Dotster

    This was Dotsters responce to my e-mail, telling them of the loss of service.

    "We are not affiliated with, they just happened to register their domain through us. You need to contact's owner directly to find out what is going on with their services."

    Easier said than done, considering theres no page there now.


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