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Thread: Make a keylogger in picture?

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    looking for script or program

    i need a script or a program i can fuse with my steganography program that when a sound or an image is opened a keylogger is trigured and is then active on their computer and i have either full/partial control of it, but all im really looking for is to get passwords. if anyone can help me out with preferrably an executable script (already made) that i can add or perhaps a program that self launches id greatly appreciate it.

    email me at [EMAIL="gotohell76*@hotmail.com"][/EMAIL]if u got anything up for grabs.



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    Do you still have this tool?

    I am looking for a steganography keylogger application. do you still have it ? does it still work? email me at alex@lenero. com
    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Dover View Post
    Yes there is way - Its called steganography.
    If you intrested i have such programs.But they aren't free.
    $20 for such programs.

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    There is always the possibility. But there is only so much you can do. If you’re running checks and there coming up ok and being sensible about what you’re clicking on then you should be ok.
    And most importantly, learn the basics about what is the myjad keylogger software.

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    That'd be great i guess.

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    at first i was confused why the link is not turning out to me even after several tries but now it is confirmed that it is dead .. so, is there other option ?

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