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Thread: guys please help !!!!

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    guys please help !!!!

    hey , i want to hack a web site on my own . i mean to destoroy it or something ! can you please help me ?

    and please explain what ports are. and if you want tell me stepp by step how to get to another computers ?

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    Red face RE:Guys Please help!!!

    m4y i 4sk u s0m*th*ng? y do u w4nt t0 hack ur h4ck y0ur 0wn site? and just to clean it up; ports r just like gateways\doors into a pc.difference programs use difference ports.Protocols as well.

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    They dont want to hack their own site, but hack the site themself.

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    can you tell me a tool or a way to hack a web site ?

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    There's no a "universal" tool that hacks everything. I would s***est that you read some books about network security at first.

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    i need to hack some guy who scammed my runescape account is there a tool u guys can send me that i can use to hack them?

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