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Thread: Yahoo!, hotmail, OR AOL/AIM password... please at least read the thread.

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    Mewkitt Guest

    Yahoo!, hotmail, OR AOL/AIM password... please at least read the thread.

    Hello. I am trying to get someone's password... basically, he has been acting a certian way recently and I just want to make sure he is emotionally okay. My intentions are not malicious, though I realize I have no way of proving that to you. Getting his hotmail, Yahoo!, or AIM password would all be of help... I only need one. I am PRETTY sure he has AOL under that AIM screename, as he has Trillian set up to check that e-mail address, but it could have been a default when he added the AIM address to the program. I know a little bit, but not much. I don't want anyone to do this for me; I want to learn on my own. Not to mention that I don't have any *****, most offering to do it for free are a farce, and I am not willing to give out his e-mail addresses to strangers on the internet. He trusted me with his life... and more. He had given me the passwords at one point as a sign of trust then changed them after he used his uncle's computer, and at the moment I am afraid to ask for them again because he may accuse me of wanting to do soemthing bad with them if I ask before he remembers to give them to me on his own. I do not want advice on my situation... it is my personal life, and there are many more things involved here then you could possibly imagine. All I ask is for help with obtaining this password...

    -I have downloaded the "HTTP Brute Forcer" from, but after each of the three tried insatllations I get the following error: "Component 'COMDLG.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."
    -I dowloaded the Brute Force tool from but could not get it to retrieve any passwords... I used the HTTP (Basic) and HTTP (Form) (I am fairly certian "form" is the correct one) options, entered the port number for hotmail which I had seen is **0, enterd the IP I recieved for hotmail with an nslookup tool (65.54.2**.**), set the username and password list options, and left the rest as defaults. The "timeout" and "throttle" errors blinked every so often and both attempts ended with timeouts and "unable to verify target 65.54.2**.**".
    -A port number for Yahoo! or AOL/AIM or a verification of **0 as the port for hotmail would be helpful
    -I know there are port sniffers, among other tools, available to obtain ports for different servers and/or domain names, but I am not able to download so many different programs on my ancient computer, and from what the websites of such programs show it does not look like I would be able to figure out how to use them in a way that would be very helpful to me. I did see and nslookup website once that gave a lot of detailed information, including port number, but I have not been able to find that website again.
    -If the IP 65.54.2**.** for hotmail looks wrong or is known to be wrong that information would be helpful
    -If someone knows of a better Brute Force tool and possibly some info on how to use it, that would be appreciated... I know there are many out there and simply downloading random ones and trying to read the readme/help files then trying to use them all would not be ideal.
    -If someone can advise me on better options for the version of Brute Force, that would be helpful
    -If anyone has any idea how to recover the missing file for the Brute Force tool or otherwise get rid of the error, that would be great.
    -I have no way of putting trojans on his computer, nor do I want to as they would slow down his computer and/or cause errors, most likely.
    -I have spent quite a while typing this post and do not want "***6 hackz0rNg S|<*llZ" or anything of the sort, and though I am intrested in learning much more about hacking and advanced internet usuage in general, I do not expect anyone would be willing to show me much, and I have had a hard time learning on my own, so I am simply asking for help in this one issue and would appreciate it if someone would be willing to do so.

    I do not think listing my system information and/or connection information would be of much help, so I have refrianed from doing so for the moment.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for taking the tim to read such a long post.


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    Unregistered Guest
    "I have downloaded the "HTTP Brute Forcer" from, but after each of the three tried insatllations I get the following error: "Component 'COMDLG.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."

    Google COMDLG.OCX and find a site where you can download the file. Once you've got it drag and drop it into the appropriate Windows folder, probably System*2, and it will register itself.

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    Mewkitt Guest
    Well THAT was obvious... should have figured that one out, lol. Only I didn't think I could fins such files available for download, nor would I have known where to put them... now, I dind't ask this in my first post, because I thought it would be easy enough. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a program that will generate wordlists... since the Burte Forcer I'm attempting to use doesn't allow Brute Force, you need a wordlist. I've googled all over the place, and I found ONE program that could possibly have the capabilities... but you have to pay $*0 for it... rather expensive. Most programs will generate ONE random "word" out of the symbols and length you specify, others will give you a list that's not complete, or a list of actual words. I've been downloading and deleteing and none of them could do it. If anyone has a link to a program that wowul ACTUALLY provide you with all of the results... i.e.


    etc., hopefully that's all I would need... thank you in advance to anyone who can provide a decnet (or even non-decent XP) program, and thank you so much to the poster above who pointed out the obvious .

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    Todd Guest
    I'm looking for this as well. Though i've heard a lot about these brute force tools that search endless amount of character combinations, I have had no luck finding one. I've searched pages and pages of google and can't seem to find one that will do the job.

    If I happen to find one, i'll post it here as well.

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    Unregistered Guest


    ive downloaded n tried using brute forcer too. ive got the error message but ive resolved it. download the file from the net, run it n brute forcer is on the run.

    but i have one small problem. the runs the list of password, but it doesnt seem like its gettin response from the server (the *rd box) . can anyone tell me am i using it right? ive got the def files rite, the password list rite.

    pls advice

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    Unregistered Guest
    It is probably blocking all your attempts. Alot of pages have a thing that will block all attempts to log on after 5 or so.

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    Unregistered Guest
    I have got the brute force running but do not know where to get a pass.lst from any ideas

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    Unregistered Guest


    i dont have any idea on how to use this brute force thing. i wood like to use it to hack into a game called runescape and have been told that this program may do it but how do i do it. could some maybe help me do this and tell me how to use this program in a simple way.

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