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Thread: how to make a keylogger!

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    Talking how to make a keylogger!

    look, let me put this simple, i need a keylogger, how do i make *? and how do i get it on the other persons computer easy?
    please help i'd be VERY greatfull!
    allso i would like some advice on how to put it on a website or forum so all users get hacked!
    you know im not going to do it on this forum but hey... other forums r out there!

    thanks for any help in advance!

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    i forgot...

    my email = [email]tstud*[/email]
    i allso have msn so feel free to add me on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    how to put it on a website or forum so all users get hacked!
    it's impossible

    keyloggers work only with local users, not remote

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