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Thread: ADSL capped or not??

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    ADSL capped or not??

    Is it possible to find out if my ISP is capping my ADSL?

    Reason I say this is that I have started to notice a reduction in my bandwidth to various sites that I visit to a limit of 5*Kb/s exactly on them all, and this never used to be on sites like these a few months ago.

    Anyway to find out if they are lieing??

    Any help will be greatly received.


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    Contact your ISP, or look at your contract, to determine what speeds you should expect to see based on what you are paying for - both up and down. You can then go to a site such as DSLREPORTS.COM and do a speed test to see what you are actually getting. If it's not what you expect, go back to your ISP. I've seen this type of behaviour before - Problem can be anything from spyware on the comp to a bad DSL modem. Good luck..

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