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    JustAGuy Guest

    Exclamation Preventing your isp from..

    hey.. I've got a couple questions that I was hoping maybe some of you could help me answer. First I'll explain my situation followed buy what I would like to know.

    I'm a bit-torrent user and I download movies, music and yes pirated software. I'm sorry if anyone here is against this type of content. I recently recieved an email from my isp of a copyright infringement from downloading XXX State of the *****. They've provided the file name, date, as well as other useful information that they could use against me. I however live in Canada and know that I am safe against any legal action against me. When I recieved this email I was shocked that my isp actually pin pointed me for this. I am also disturbed that my isp can and has and probobly is right now watching anything and everything that I do through the internet. I personally believe that this is in somehow a viloation of my privacy rights.. but thats not what I'm interested in. I want to know how to prevent my isp from being able to see what exactly I view and download, as not all information I deal with is pirated or illegal documents/files. I have very personal information that I dont appreciate being hacked upon by my isp. I'm not saying that they are reading my emails and watchin my personal home video's and stuff to that extent.. but my problem is whats to stop them? I want to stop them. I've read several posts here and researched the internet about preventing your isp from seeing what you download and I was wondering if this would work... and if not what other possiblilitys or options do I have to block or at least make harder for them to view stuff like this?

    I downloaded a program called Hide Ip Platinum which is a proxy server. I saw somewhere that really the only true way to prevent your isp from viewing your content is use SSL socks.. I honestly can say I have no idea how to begin or where to start with that although I can more then likely figure it out with a ton of research.. however I saw this forum and wanted to see if perhaps someone here could help me and save me that hassle. Would the hide ip platinum work? (u can google hide ip to see what its about) and would someone be able to explain to me about using SSL socks, as well as how to set it up? or any type of software that accomplishes this?

    Last but not least I just want to say thank you for reading this and taking the time to reply to it if you do. Any comments or s***estions welcome!


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    spacheman1 Guest

    Talking Maybe this helps you

    First you need to use high-anonimity proxy with ssl support and firewall like TrendMicro.

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