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Thread: Stand and Deliver/ (an experiment)

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    Stand and Deliver/ (an experiment)

    ok...lots of people claiming u can do can do that....ok. I've got $*50.00 for the first person who can crack MY yahoo account. I am not profiting in any way...the email account is mine and I set it up as a "test" account to see if any of you really know what ur talking about. I would like a proof shot sent to my email..rooftop20*0@**********. The login to my yahoo account I want cracked is [email]rooftop20*0@**********[/email] Yes..MY OWN account. Like I said,,,,Im not looking to get access to anybody else's account. I want you to get into MY account and get PROOF of My account and send the proofs to MY ACCOUNT.

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    carlo Guest

    I am willing to take your offer.

    I may or may not do it but its worth a try. pm me and we can sort things out.

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