All of you need to... research the difference between hacking and cracking, For example someone asked Can anyone hack nasa? well yes they can if they are asked to by nasa themselfs. if you would of asked... Can anyone crack nasa? then it would make more sence. because what you all refer to a hacker is someone cool who knows alot about computers and hacks into computer systems illegally to get data like peoples msn accounts, well this is incorrect what your refering to is a cracker. cracking is illegal, hacking isnt. hackers are computer literate people who are employed by a company to test their security systems by trying to hack them (with permission) Crackers do this for fun just to try and exploit the secuity features, so dont get all mixxed up. i know some of you will know this but by looking on the forum so far i have noticed that alot of you dont, so read my post and understand it. if you dont belive me even search google. hacking/cracking will do or search defo's

thank you if you've read this and i would be happy to hear your replys.