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Thread: programing language

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    Samson Guest

    programing language

    What is your favorite programing language...?
    Php is my favorite because its use to create website...whats your favorite...?

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    programing language

    C or C
    Sh, perl

    Later two are scripts but just because its script it doesnt mean its not a programing language.

    It all depends on what do you want to write.

    There are of course others, but If I wanted to write something I would pick from this list

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    Jun 2012
    Php is my favorite programming language.

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    Programming language is a different from simple language, Programming depends on coding of data.............
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    My Favorite Programming language is PHP. It stands for Personal home page hyper text preprocessor.It is easy to understand and learn the PHP language. It is open source languages so easily under-stable and you can learn easily.
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    The best programming language is PHP. You can learn the web development by using the this one programming language.

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