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Thread: Hello , i need help plz

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    Thumbs up Hello , i need help plz

    cool Site guys...i have been searching on Googles and altavista , and i have the Proxy hunter ...i visited that website u talked about but still i didn't find any Working Socks Proxies !!! the only one i found lasted * to 2 days then : Nothing !
    If u know where i can find some tested ones ( socks 4 protocol)..
    i also downloaded WinBnc..but i didn't know how to work on it.
    i have a cable Dns Access to the internet....i went to the WinBnc site but they didn't help me ( I hate them ) , anyways i was just wondering , is it necessary to Have a Shell if i want to connect to some Vhost Through WinBnc ? If no plz tell me where can i find free Vhost ?

    note: using WinMe Os

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    kiro Guest


    If you have Proxy Hunter then you don't need to search to socks proxies because you can find self socks with PHunter.But if you want to know the site where you can find socks proxy(tested 4-5 days a go) go to proxy blind.


    You can find there also information about anonimity on MIrc (i saw othere topic where you asked about chat on Mirc...)

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