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Thread: MSN and Remote Assistance

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    MSN and Remote Assistance

    Now, I know with Remote Assistance (RA) you can basically control ones computer, but, my question is this....

    Me and a friend are running MSN 7.5.0*06, and have MSN Plus & Messpatch.
    Both with the Auto-Accept function turned on.

    Does RA have to be sent from the user for me to see what is on his PC?
    Or could I send the invite to RA and have it auto-accept?

    Nothing I have tried, just curious if anyone else has.

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    carlo Guest

    Use a rat.

    A R.A.T (remote administration tool.) other known as trojan. all you have to do is get him to open a file and then you open a defifferent one called client and type in his ip address and you can take control of his pc.

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