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Thread: How do you enter a different encryption key for a wireless connection?

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    How do you enter a different encryption key for a wireless connection?

    I have Windows Vista. I accidentally reset my wireless router and it stopped working. I reinstalled the router and it's up and working again but now it has a different encryption key. My laptop that has Vista automatically had the connection saved so whenever I get on the laptop it's status is limited connectivity.
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    I have win7, but it should be similar to vista. Click start/then connect to/and a box will pop up with the available wireless networks. Hover over your router and right click properties. Then change it.
    Or access network connections from control panel.

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    I dont think that is possible... you can use only one encryption
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    If you restored the router to factory settings then you should check any documentation that came with it for the default key. It is may also be that it is now unencrypted and you need to repair your network adapter on your machine.

    To repair you adapter do the following:
    *. Temporarily turn off your firewall for this process.
    2. Go to Run
    *. Type CMD and press enter
    4. In the command prompt type: "ipconfig /release" (without quotes. put space between ipconfig and /)
    5. Press enter
    6. Type "ipconfig /renew" (without quotes. put space between ipconfig and /)
    7. Turn your firewall back on and check you connection

    If the above worked then it indicates that the router is unencrypted. Go into your router control panel and turn encryption back on and set a new password. Check your documentation for steps on how to do this or look up on google. Alternatively, you can open the command prompt back up and type "ipconfig" without the quotes. Find the address labeled "Default gateway" and type that number into your web browser's address bar. It should take you to the router control panel.

    Hope this helps
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