Name: Milanorosa Group!!!
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Are you worried about your spouse cheating on you? Are you worried about your kids

surfing inappropriate websites? Do you want to see what your employees are doing on their

workstations during work hours? Do you want to find information about an unlawful

computer user to be accepted as evidence in court? Do you want to see if anyone has done

anything malicious on your own computer? What "Suspicious Activity" Should I Look For?

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Who Are We:

We are the Milanorosa Group, a group of experienced professional computer enthusiasts

from around the world with the most advanced technology! We now are providing an online

monitoring service and email password h@acking at the low cost of $*80 USD

Some Salient Features Of The Services.
*) The prices are $*80 per account ( Y!,Hotmail and AOL ) and 200$ for other accounts.

2) We will mail you in * day with the status of your request. If we have successfully

h@cked it.we will send you proof. After you are satisfied you must pay us the fees by

******* ***** ***** Transfer or *****gram. After we recieve payment we will send you the


*) The victim will not realise that he/she has been h@cked. That means we will be giving

you the original password.

4) Please do not mail us asking to do it for FREE no matter what the reason. We will

simply delete such mails.

5) Orders send using proxy or dummy accounts are not entertained.

The fee is a very small price to pay for breaking into someones privacy. Do not mail us

if you do not agree with the above stated rules.

We will forward to you the following info as a proof:
*)Screenshot of inbox
2)We will mail you from victims account

We will be able to retrieve Email passwords or monitor computers at your request.You will

only be charged AFTER you are satisfied with the proofs, agree to our Terms of Service

and decide to continue with our service. Currently, we accept payment through *******

***** or *****gram. Please refer to [url]www.************.com[/url] or [url]www.e*****[/url] for

detailed info.

How To Contact Us:

Write us at [email][/email]

Please donít forget to send these information in your first mail

*. Target Email id in complete form like [email][/email] or [email][/email]
2. Your Name:
*. Your Country:
4. The currency and amount you would like to pay: (MINIMUM Offer - *50$ for each

5. Preferred Payment Option (Paypal, Ikobo, E*****-gram, Bancorp ****, or ******* *****)
6. Preferred Proof (Inbox screenshot , Contact Information , Specific Email )
7. How you found our service.

What are you waiting for? Contact us ASAP!!!
Milanorosa Group.