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Thread: Telnet, how do u log in when a user has no password?

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    Unhappy Telnet, how do u log in when a user has no password?

    Hi there, i cant find an answer for this...

    when using windows xp home's telnet.exe i connect to a telnet server of which the user has no password...

    I type the user name (case sensitive) when the server asks for a password i just dont type anything and press enter, and enter again for domain.

    Guess what... it wont let me in,

    why is this?

    is there a special key to press if the user has no pass?


    kind regards,


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    carlo Guest


    I had the same problem. Try for the password just pressing space.

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    Oct 2005

    Arrow no pass in telnet and open remote file on remoter telnet server

    Tried that and no luck... did it work for you?

    It's relly annoting, you'd think it'd be easy to get into an account that has no password.

    Also, as a by the by...

    if say there was a "test.txt" file on the telnet server that i wanted to open on that server, why does the command:

    start test.txt

    not work

    notepad.exe starts running in the processes but it does not open on the PC.

    any help for either issue would be much appreciated!

    kind regards


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