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Thread: Should learn programming?

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    Cool Should learn programming?

    I want to focus on a specialized language, but do not know which language to choose C + +, Java ....
    Please give me advice
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    Both C++ and Java are user defined programming language. I will referred Java to you.

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    Both are good,
    But Java is mostly used.

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    Jun 2012
    According to my experience java is best.

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    Jul 2012
    Well both are good in performing their role. If you are a beginner in learning language then you should learn VB script coz the language is very simple. If you have already leanr lagnuage and want to be on advacne level go for java it is the powerful programming, it istricky and also complicated.
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    Yes You should learn programming. But you should start from the programming fundamental language C and C++. It is the best language for the clearing the programming fundas. They are the initial stage of the programming.
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