When I went to frostwire.com and clicked on the download link for Frostwire 4.**.5, it directed me to [url]http://www.download.com[/url]. At this webpage I downloaded the newest version of Frostwire. Once the application was on my desktop, I scanned it with avast! antivirus. It detected 2 Trojan Viruses, and it deleted the file. I also downloaded again scanned ewido antivirus. The same 2 trojans appeared. I searced Frostwire 4.**.5 on google, and only found 2 other sources. They were [url]http://www.Softpedia.com[/url] and [url]http://www.Brothersoft.com[/url]. They were the exact same file, with the same 2 viruses. I need the new version of Frostwire! And anywhere i go to download it i get virus overload! What do I do? How do I get a clean version of 4.**.5?

Thanx in advance to any Help!