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Thread: Sharing some Computer maintainance tips..

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    Sharing some Computer maintainance tips..

    Hi all,
    I am again starting new thread to share some good Computer maintainance Tips, hope they will help you..
    i know some of you know these tips but for newbies.
    Here are the tips:-
    *)Do not turn your computer off using power switch until windows SHUT DOWN completly.
    2)I recommend for UPS(uninteruptable power supply), i know it will give you back up for few minutes but it is helpfull to save and shut it down.
    *)Back up of any file.
    4)Atleast once a month you should run a scandisk and defragment.
    5)Keep atleast *00 MB's of free space on C drive or it will choke windows or it will work very slow.
    6)Don't let to load up lot of programs when you switch on the program.
    7)You should use a Virus checker.

    These are the some good tips for your computer. Ohh yes ofcourse i do use these tips always.
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    You can get computer tips from here : [url][/url]. This is useful for beginners.
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    I read the tips and these are very nice tips and really impressive work at all. I like all the material that is relevant to the computer and that really works.

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    This computer tips is very useful for me.

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