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Thread: how can i access a website through another country's ip?

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    Unhappy how can i access a website through another country's ip?

    i'm japanese who stay in china.
    i have been sold several stuffs on auction site.
    but after moving to china, the auction site dose not allow selling
    my stuffs. so i tried proxy server, , invisible browsing..
    however i can't even log-in my auction account. i think they know
    when i use proxy server on my internet option....
    is there any way let me logging-in the site with Japan IP??(or USA IP)
    please advise to me.. thank you~

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    Go to [url][/url] and click on the list. Their are lots of proxies in alfabetical order of country. Pick one and in Internet Explorer go to tools, internet options, connections and settings. Input the ip address of your proxy and the port. Check your proxy on this site ([url][/url].

    The ip of the proxy should be displayed and it should have not dectected a proxy. If your ip is displayed or a proxy is detected pick another proxy from the list and try again.

    Some proxies have fairly slow connections and most stop working after a while so you might have to pick a new one now and then.

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