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Thread: Do companies keep a log of this?

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    Do companies keep a log of this?

    Please help and read for me:

    I used a keylogger to get a password from his computer who I suspected of having sex with my girlfriend, then just used that to log in. No brute force at all. I used this procedure:

    *) Got his password from other computer keylogger
    2) Logged into his company email through the web (re: Webmail.****
    *) Read a couple emails, then logged off

    Do companies usually log this? In other words could or do they usually have the ability to say "Hmm it was accessed by this IP the other day"

    I think I messed up and didn't mark something as unread and he might know. I'm afriad he might ask IT dept about it and get definitive proof to back up his accusations. He's kinda a jerk so I'm concerned.

    Thanks for reading

    Thank you for your patience

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    well whos computer did you log into to company email with ? if it was your home and you have a static ip adress u might get screwed

    if its dynamic do anything to get a new one. also next time you do stuff like this use a proxy server they are free and spoof your ip adress so no one can find out who you are right away.

    but he logged in his email before didnt he ? from the computer u had the keylog on ? i think its pretty safe to say they wont catch you

    next time use a proxy

    companies do log ip's cause well its in the logs but from the first view they cant really notice it or do anything. and where do they have proff that you logged in? maybe your friend logged in and forgot to mark an email as unread social engeneering

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