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Thread: Are all the members here newbies??

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    Are all the members here newbies??

    Hey was just wondering if this site is comprised mostly of newbies. That would explain the complete lack of response on my previous thread, which was requesting help for establishing a connection from one server or PC to another. I seriously hope I'm not wasting my time here with this forum.
    And if only you would have Googled that first and save everyone the time of explaining it to you...

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    Sorry didn't read.

    Hello ,

    We didn't read your previous post. anyways if you want to connect your pc to some other pc then you would need the back orifice golden collection.

    I hope you know the astalavista site which has 6.2 gb of feature download.

    You will find these things in that tools collection.

    With the help of server.exe file in these trojans you could easily connect to the remote pc without being suspected.

    It also removes any traces that you might leave.

    But remember these are trojans and if you do not know what you are doing with them do not even think of touching them !

    I recommend you explore a bit and read a lot of stuff and then go on to do this. Also remember these are used for ip hijacking if you are on the same subnet.

    And as you didn't mention the purpose of connection that is friendly or cracking / Hacking i will mention that if you are connecting to a remote pc with that person knowing of your connectivity you could use a lan wire to connect.
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    Saves the day once again

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