Hey I need to make a simple program which consists of insert function which adds the data asked for to 2D array.. I think i did the array but I am not right sure
(data to be entered in name, height, weight,)

var person = new Array(i)
for (var h = 0; h < i; h++)
person[i] = new Array(j);
I know that one dimension is going to be * but not sure which is the horizontal the vertical has to be undefined since this will be like a small database and i dont know how much data will be added.

also how do i make the insertion function ? could i do something like

var createPerson =function(name,height,weight){
var person = {}
person.name = name
person.height = height
person.weight = weight
return person

var person = {name: "James Bond",height: "0", weight: "0"};
I am really confused at this stage.. not sure how to do this any ideas ?