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Thread: WPA.DBL - Windows Activation

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    WPA.DBL - Windows Activation

    Hi, this is the first time on this forum. I tried to crack the windows activation many times. The frist, I tried to mod the wpa.dbl file in the system*2 folder. The second, I tried using a keygen but then realized that it would only work for the corporate version of XP.

    At least, I cracked through the Windows Authenticity Crap (just a simple registry value change : p)

    Please Help. I don't want to download the Corporate Version of XP.

    I need help on: Windows XP Home Edition Activation

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    carlo Guest


    is it an illegal copy?

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    you shouldnt need a forum to find stuff like that....

    use google and find a crack site, there should be a huge list of files to play with that will do the work for you instead of you doing it manually.
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