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Thread: Is It Possible To Get Someone's Ip Address Through Aim Or An Email Address???????

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    Is It Possible To Get Someone's Ip Address Through Aim Or An Email Address???????

    hi..i was wondering...is it possible to get someone's ip address who is using AIM or who has an email address??

    ok..this is my situation..i decided to buy some stuff online...(not ebay)...and i sent this person some *****...however..he decided to SCAM me and not send anything...of course there are more details to this situation...but that's basically the main gist...

    so...i wanted to call the cops and stuff..but the only thing i know about this person is his AIM SCREEN NAME and his EMAIL ADDRESS!!!

    is it possible for me to get his IP address and locate this person?? and by locate i mean...find his home address..


    edit:// i got him to reply my email...and i did the show heading in HOTMAIL.COM ...however on the heading..."X-Originating-IP" doesn't show...is there any other way??
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    view full headers, and compare them to any other mails youve received from them. Also check to see if they hold an AOL account, or are just using AIM.

    Also check with the service you bought the products from, and the source with which the payment was sent.

    You or the authorities should be able to use at least one of the above mentioned techniques to establish a trail.

    good luck.

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    I think the best thing to do would be to call the cops or contact his email provider because even if you get the ip, it will only show you the location of his isp, you said it was aol, so it will just say the ip is registered to aol, and give you the address of aol. Ip numbers usually cannot trace to exact location, only isp location unless they have bought an ip range. But you can most of the time get the country. In hotmail, some emails do not include the original ip, but set the show email headers setting to "advanced"

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    i DID set it on advanced,..however it doesn't show the ip..here is what it shows...

    MIME-Version: *.0
    Received: from web*580*.mail.mud.********** ([66.*6*.*7*.*72]) by bay0-mc*-f2.bay0.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.*7*0.2**); Sat, 2* Jan 2006 20:45:*4 -0800
    Received: (qmail *8605 invoked by uid 6000*); 22 Jan 2006 04:45:** -0000
    Received: from [70.*85.**.88] by web*580*.mail.mud.********** via HTTP; Sat, 2* Jan 2006 20:45:** PST
    X-Message-Info: JGTYoYF78jEHjJx*6Oi8+Z*TmmkSEdPtfpLB7P/ybN8=
    DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha*; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s*024; d=**********; h=Message-ID:Receivedate:From:Subject:To:In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Content-Transfer-Encoding; b=MaVRAMyGfYoztdQxzrzJT6YG*/tfny0uWXzK*8OhpzHAa7hreeGFvxGD/wMBinTvLJ4CYt6*5nnYqvo7dV6dHyxvNIzpnQwoQ5b/SVxNITW+bEgFiowUFVhRk*0GPjqRx+wm+tWF8u+Qh4ge0pEAXmq*qmT8wp8lu0e5nsmuwTA= ;
    Return-Path: [email]coinfactory*2*@**********[/email]
    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 22 Jan 2006 04:45:*4.0*6* (UTC) FILETIME=[A28B77*0:0*C6*F0E]

    and also, my friend has called the cops, however they said it's gonna be impossible for them to find the person's house with just their email address and aim..i guess they're not responsible for using ip address and figuring out their address...

    so i just wanted to expedite the process and find the address myself...

    so can anyone help me out through the whole process??

    THANK YOU..!!^_^

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    well from that info their ISP seems to be COX Communications. you can get info on contacting their ISP from here:

    I can tell you right off the bat the ISP wont give you information on their ********s without proper police procedure. What that procedure may be is up to the ISP, police and situation.

    If you dont feel on relying on the police (lets face it, *0% of the time they are clueless in this area) then let me/us know HOW you sent the $ to the person, and we should be able to take it a step further.

    hope that helps.

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    i sent it to the person by PAYPAL...

    however there is no info i can get from it...

    i could tell u his email address and AIM SN if you would like..

    and what's this link


    you've provided me with??

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    Thanks for this post.yes you can get the someone's ip address by getting the details through ur administrator. And you can give the domain name & chk the ip address from [URL="http://www.ip-details.com/"]http://www.ip-details.com/[/URL]

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    Mercury, the link you posted had geographic locate function that placed me 700 miles away. There was another that placed me less than a mile away, but hasn't been up for awhile.

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    I tried getting an IP through email. It really depends on their email server, I know you can't IP's from guys with gmail accounts but if they have their own website domain like [email]john@johnscomputers.com[/email] you can probably view their IP in the headers somewhere if you click view original (in gmail).

    I used this script [url]www.whatstheirip.com[/url] to get my competitors IP address's and I blocked them from viewing my website, worked like a charm

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