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Thread: I NEED HELP! Dynamic IP...

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    I NEED HELP! Dynamic IP...

    I run a radio station and DJ, and my IP address is always changing, so my listeners have to always check my new IP address each time I reboot my computer. It goes from [url]http://xx.xxx.xx.xxx:8000[/url] to [url]http://yy.yyy.yy.yyy:8000[/url] all the time and I'm getting tired of it.

    I was wondering if there was an application or even a web service that would help me keep one IP adress without going through my ISP and paying for a second static ip address... I've tried Proxies programs, but the ip addresses never last and dissappear in a day or two.

    You see, the reason I need something for this is becuase I'm trying to tie all my services together. I want to run my radio station so that my ip is always the same, and at the same time I want to add my website and live webcam onto it.

    Any advice or programs I could use?

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    Hi Justus,

    try this one - it will follow your changing IP address, so you can just go by the domain name.

    And...it's for free!

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    Oops...sorry, here is the link:


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    adding up

    another free service I used for years is


    very Quick and works like a charm

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