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Thread: *UPDATED* WARNING - Forum Scammers

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    *UPDATED* WARNING - Forum Scammers

    I decided to start a list of users that like to spam the website with scams. Please completely ignore any posts you see by these users. I give everyone a chance to prove their claimed skills, and no one has yet to hack any hotmail, yahoo, gmail, or myspace password! Do NOT believe these posts. If you go to these websites you will probably infect your computer with spyware, viruses, trojans, or worms. Once a username and email address is posted here you must send a private message explaining yourself. I have no pity on scammers so it might just be better to save your keystrokes. If you know any users that have previously posted scams, private message the usernames to me and I will investigate.

    Beware of these users:
    User: AaronCohelo
    Email: [email]usahackersgroup@**********[/email],[email]hackersorama@**********[/email],[email]usah4ck*r@**********[/email]
    User: dxwebfx
    User: Spacheman
    User: Milanorosa
    Email: [email]milanorosa_group@**********[/email],[email][/email]
    User: Lisa
    Email: [email][/email],[email][/email],[email]zdhackers@**********[/email]
    User: Stop4help
    Email: [email]dfernzo@**********[/email],[email]stt_jordan@**********[/email],[email]stop4helps@**********[/email],[email][/email],[email][/email]
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    Also you can private message [URL="**08"]D.Parker[/URL] investigate (if needed) the above-mentioned events.
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