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Thread: someone has my ip and home town address

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    someone has my ip and home town address

    hi sorry to bother you with this but how can someone get my details from a chat room/forum .we have never enchained emails . he spilling bits personal info in post .how do i fight back or stop him.i not very savvy with computers
    my email is on file so a personal detailed SIMPLE explication necessary if u so inclined.
    thanks catfish

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    How exactly he/she got your IP address depends on the specific chat room or forum implementation. In many cases, it's quote possible. So you should always assume that the other party knows your IP address (and, therefore, your approximate physical location). Speaking of fighting back - not realistic if you're not computer-savvy, as you wrote.

    How to prevent this from happening in the future: use a service that hides your IP address. This can be either a VPN, such as [URL=""]BlackVPN[/URL] (not free) or [URL=""]Tor[/URL] (free).

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    There are many tools to ***** your IP address in chat, Facebook, twitter, etc. So you should be careful when chatting people. Once they acquire your IP address there are websites like [URL=""][/URL], [URL=""][/URL], etc which will display your location when an ip address is entered. Please be careful while chatting.

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