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Godox TT685C TTL Camera Flash 2.4GHz High Speed */8000s GN60 + Xpro-C TTL Wireless Transmitter for Canon Eos Camera+Gift

Model:Godox TT685C
Product description
Flash Features:
Compatible Cameras: Canon EOS cameras (E-TTL II autoflash)
Guide No. (*/* output @200mm): 60(m ISO *00); **0 (feet ISO *00)
Flash Coverage:20 to 200mm (*4mm with wide panel)
?¤Auto zoom (flash coverage set automatically to match the lens focal length and image size)
Manual zoom
Swinging / tilting flash head (bounce flash): 0° to *60°horizontally and -7°to *0°vertically
Flash Duration: */*00 to */20000 seconds
Exposure control system: E-TTL II autoflash and manual flash
Flash exposure compensation (FEC): Manual FEB: ±* stops in */* stop increments (Manual FEC and FEB can be combined)
Sync Mode: High-speed sync (up to */8000 seconds), first-curtain system, and second-curtain sync
Multi Flash: Provided (up to *00 times, ***Hz)
Wireless flash function: ******, Slave, Off
Controllable slave groups: *(A, B, and C)
Transmission range:Optic: Indoors: *2 to *5m /**.4 to 4*.2 ft.; Outdoors: 8 to *0m /26.2 to *2.8 ft.; ****** unit reception angle: ±40° horizontally±*0° vertically, 2.4G: *00m
Channels: Optic: 4 (*,2,*,and 4)
2.4G: *2(*-*2)
Auto Focus Assist Beam: Effect range: Center: 0.6-*0m /2.0-*2.8 feet/ Periphery: 0.6-5m / 2.0-*6.4 feet
Power Supply: Ni-NH batteries (recommended) or 4*LR6 alkaline batteries
Recycle Time: Approx. 0.*-2.6s (eneloop Ni-NH batteries of Panasonics).
Full power flashes: Approx.2*0 (2500mA Ni-MH batteries)
Power Saving: Power off automatically after approx.*0 seconds of idle operation.(60 minutes if set as slave)
Sync Triggering Mode: Hotshoe, *.5mm sync line, Wireless control port
Color Temperature: 5600 ± 200K
Dimension: 64*76***0mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 4*0g (without battery, camera flash only)

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