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    Hi all,

    I have a section on my site allowing people to post comments. I currently
    log the persona ipaddress using CGI Script with ENV{REMOTE_ADDR} which works fine as long as the person isn't using a proxy.

    My problem is when people are using proxy I am just getting the ipAddress of
    the proxy and I know several peoples ISPs use the same proxy therefore I
    find it difficult to differentiate between which posts come from which

    Is there a way to get the persons actual ipaddress when they are using a
    proxy. This website seems to have managed it near the bottom on their proxy test [url][/url]

    If this is not possible is there another way to get some individual computer
    identifiable information just so I know which posts come from the same
    people? IPAddress would be ideal as my hosting allows me to block individual IPAddresses and the people visiting the site would not really know how to go about releasing their ipaddress to get a new one.

    Thanks in advance



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    Not even the proxy test on can determine if you are using a proxy or not. Of corse if you are using internet explorer with Active Scripting "Enabled" it will be able to run scripts and return information from your connection/computer. Try this:

    *. Disable Active Scripting in internet explorer.
    2. Set up your proxy connection with a highly annonomous proxy.
    *. Run the proxy testing tool again... Voila ~ It has fooled the proxy test.
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