IrcHatan is the best Program if u want to find someone mess ( yahoo mail) password. sure there are many other complicated program's that u can find anything else but this is the best if u are a beginner and u want to find a mess password :

look for and example , u simple create a server , send it to the victim , supose somwone who make u nervos ( be care with antivirus , it will be detected :d ) and evrika , in a cuple of second's or minutes you will receive on your mess id this per example:

This ID Hacked BY iRcHaTaN PaSsWoRD Sender v 7.0 ===> USER=****xx PASS=****xx computerName=****xx ==> WinUSER=****xx

Here is the link , but be careful it may bne detected by your antivirus , so just disable it to be sure :


Good luck !!!