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Thread: Best Keyloggers

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    Your hack is one of those golden oldies that asks your own account name and password + the one you want to "hack". Does anybody still fall for that one?

    Another favorite of mine is those emails that "The **** of Crapistan wants to send you *.8 million US Dollars.

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    Undetectable and Simple

    here is a smart keylogger monitroing software that is undetectable by av and simple to use.

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    psycho Guest


    A very simple and effective keylogger is the ToThoZ keylogger, which is a program that helps you to create a .exe file that you can send to your victim. Its FUD and interacts through G-mail (google mail), that will be required for this to work. And you can for example adjust how often you want the mails etc. The keylogger is accessable from any computer due to mail integration. More info in the Readme file. Enjoy.

    Virus scan:

    Antivir: Nothing found
    ArcaVir: Nothing found
    Avast: Nothing found
    AVG: Nothing found
    BitDefender: Nothing found
    F-Prot: Nothing found
    Norman: Nothing found
    Rising: Nothing found
    VirusBlokAda*2: Nothing found
    VirusBuster: Nothing found

    [URL=http://www.viruschief.com/report.html?report_id=ce6*eb*2807*e8dff0ee266a*eebd6782*7*65e5]Report overview[/URL]
    Scanned by [URL=http://www.viruschief.com]viruschief.com[/URL]
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    I removed the link. That was a pretty good stealer, anti anubis/threat expert/comodo. But it was */4* at virustotal. bye bye you are banned.

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    I know some very excellent keyloggers
    For mac:
    For PC:[url]http://www.keylogger4u.com[/url]

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    The Best KeyLogger lets you read and watch everything that happens on your computer while your gone. The Best KeyLogger register all keystrokes typed, including language-specific characters, talk and messages conversations, passwords, e-mails, clip***rd, captured screenshots, desktop, and Internet activity.
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