Until further notice, here are the rules for the All Net Tools Forum:

*. No spam For a definition of spam, look here - [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forum_spam[/url]. In addition to the meaning provided at the link, posts requesting hacking services, asking how to hack a site, requests for passwords or other personal information, asking for trojans/viruses/keyloggers, asking for fake login pages, and asking for programs to hack/crack a site/program will be regarded as spam. Spam will be locked and in some cases, be deleted. Whichever choice a mod/admin chooses is at the sole discretion of said mod/admin.

On a side note, please use [url]http://www.google.com[/url] or [url]http://www.**********[/url] before asking about something.

2. No malicious software, no scams, and no warez/cracked programs
Trust me, we might not all be geniuses, but we're not stupid. Posting scams to trick people into giving out information is very stupid, especially when it's a scam that hundreds of others have used before. Also, advertising a program that is actually a trojan, virus, or some other malicious program is stupid as well, because most of the programs are premade programs that the person did not create. Point is, posting malicious software is against the rules, unless an easily viewable disclaimer is posted as well. Scams are against the rules, period. Warez and cracked copyrighted programs, or links to such violate our rules. The mods/admins will ban any scammers, and delete any links/attachments to malicious software that doesn't have a disclaimer. The viewability of a disclaimer will be decided by the mods/admins. Trojans/viruses/malicious software should be posted ONLY in the Viruses and Trojans section. Warez posters will be banned, without question.

*. No flaming
Flaming is the excessive insulting and defaming of a member, and usually involves excessive foul language. Give a stern word or two where it's due, but don't go over the edge in your disapproval of a member. Mods/admins will edit posts with flaming, and whether a post is flaming or not will be decided by the mods/admins.

4. No exploting
If there is a security risk on these forums, report it to a moderator or an administrator via private messaging. If you are found to have been exploiting a vulnerability maliciously on the forums, you will be banned, no questions asked.

These rules are subject to change at any given time. Please help to make these forums a center of learning and information.