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Thread: c programming

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    c programming

    i wanna learn can i do this fast.

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    Google for "Learning C The Hard Way" -- probably the quickest possible (but it will still take time to get good).

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    If you want to create any kind of software, you first have to learn programming in general.

    Your first step should be to get a good book that teaches you the fundamentals. A good book to start is:

    (I strongly recommend the python version here)

    This book is so well because it does not waste time teaching you a specific language or libraries but concentrates you on how to program.

    Then you need to learn object oriented programming. A good book that does this is this book about Java:

    "Thinking in Java"

    and you need to know about low level programming. Here, I recommend this book:

    "The C Programming Language"

    And then, to become a really good hacker, you will have to read this one:

    "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"

    there is a free online version here:

    IMPORTANT: Beside all the reading, you have to constanly read other programs and write your own code. These three things are pretty much equally important to make fast progress: reading books, writing code and understanding other peoples code.

    As an somewhat alternative route, Peter Norvig, one of the greatest thinkers of our time, has set up a document a while ago that teaches a good way to become a good programmer:

    "How to become a programmer in *0 years"*-days.html

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    I am new and i wanna also learing c programming please give me some s***estion about c programming..*4528*76
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