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Thread: anti virus

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    Angry anti virus

    I am in search of best antivirus which also doesn't disturb/hang my pc and free of cost, could any body share your experiences and if possible links of websites from where I can download it, I am fed up with trial versions please

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    For the free ones (for personal use), Avast is pretty good. I didn't like it on a laptop since laptops aren't on all the time, and thus the pattern file updates wouldn't be continuous (and when Avast gets behind, it seems to hammer the hard disk for a short time after boot trying to hurry and scan everything to catch up).

    I really don't like Symantec -- it's a resource pig.

    If you're willing to pay some *****, I REALLY like eSet's NOD*2 -- doesn't seem to have any performance effect on the computer at all.

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    hello friends,

    you may use avira, avast, AVG etc antivirus for protect your PC. This antivirus are available on internet, you simply define antivirus name with download and you get many site.

    good luck.

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    the best anti virus among all is kaspersky, really the sensational one to use up
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    Nod 2 is the best antivirus software as per my calculations...

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    I prefer to use Microsoft Security Essentials. It is really effective for home usage and it is also free of cost, but there shouldn't be any other anti virus program installed with it.

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    There are many antivirus in the market. According to me, avast and kaspersky are the best antivirus to guard your personal computer.

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    even Norton too is a reliable anti virus protection to the computers .. though it is heavy and slow the process but its densely designed algorithms remain no short on putting a strong check against any cyber threat that means you are all safe

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    Hi Marvinlee, The best i can recommend is AVG. no hassle, and its great for trojans too

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