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Thread: cain and abel

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    cain and abel


    I have recently started messing with the Cain & Abel program used for password recovery but for right now i was just trying to get the hang of remote installing on xp computers but i am having a problem
    it keeps telling me it can't open service controls

    i use all windows xp sp2 in my home but my friend uses windows 2000 and it installed perfectly on his laptop

    i just want it for the remote cmd

    thank you for the help


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    Cool :)

    What`s up Dude , i`ve recently discovered that i have sort of like the same problem , when i am trying to hack into the net by installing remotely the cain&abel i message with an error appears , i haven`t found the cause or the motive of this message but if someone has the answer it would be nice to share .

    Also i could`t be able to get Msn Messenger passwords but monitoring the net with the program i wonder if there is something i missed, because the place where i install the cain&abel sofware is a internet rental place , but i have not been able to detect any password of any kind with this sofware , so if you know a good place where i can get a good tutorial y would be nice to share

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