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Thread: how to stop dos attacks

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    how to stop dos attacks

    I recently switched ISPs. Before now ive had little or no DoS or port scans but since switching to a new host ive had over *00 attacks, From all over the place.

    My ISP when confronted with these logs told me its my equipment causing the problems. These attacks have been brought the modem down since joining this ISP ive switched IPs multiple times around *0-40 times with only a couple of the ips showing a few DoS attacks.

    Code: [Select]
    *7*.2*6.***.*6*:80 x2 (Dreamhost)
    ***.5*.*6*.68:80 x*0 (multiple attacks from different IPS)
    8*.*4.200.***:25565 x*
    6*.*7*.2*5.*6:44* x20
    2**.***.*7*.*44:40044 x*
    78.*4*.*7*.*8:*2*50 x2

    any effective tried and tested tools s***estions would be wonderful

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    thanks for the information on how to stop dos attacks. if I do dos on a VPN network, would its security not automatically stop it?

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    thanks for the information

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