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Thread: total noob here but i got some question's

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    Arrow total noob here but i got some question's

    ok so i want to get back at an x friend that messed with my old email when he found my password and i want to get back at him ive got stuff like nettools 4 (but im paranoid to use this cause it has so much stuff to it) and prorat v*.* and i want to know how to use them like how i can get his ip eventhough he blocked me like i want his ip and the port msn runs on and i suck at using google so just some his email is <sk8er_4_life*0*> and just wondering what i can do to really piss him off for doin this to me and anyother tutorials will be greatly appreciated and if there are any noob tools that i can use to learn with not this hard stuff

    ps when i use that netstat -n or -a the screen just dissapears
    and whats a smpt address
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    First of all it's not as easy as you think, if your friend has done something like this to you, It's most likely he's not a total dumbass in this subject. Downloading some tools from the internet to muck about in someone elses computer will only get you a virus... There is more to screwing with your friend with just an IP address.

    SM*TP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

    read some up some networking, just sit down and study it good and hard, every aspect of it if you're really interested in something like this, programming is useful too.

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