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Thread: Trying to find the IP address of an AIM screen name

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    Post Trying to find the IP address of an AIM screen name

    Hello. A few years ago, my sister and I made a screen name on AIM. Since then, she's lost the password and is using a new screen name. A little over a week ago, the old screen name signed on and the person started talking to my friend, sending her very hurtful messages. A friend of mine and I have been trying to locate the IP address of this screen name to compare it to the IP address of who we suspect is behind this. We have the suspect's IP, but not the screen name's. Can anyone help me out? I've never done any of this 'investigation' stuff so any assistance would be very greatly appreciated.


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    Could you get him/her to connect directly? I dunno if this still works but you can try: Netstat-n and look @ the ip on 444*.
    Im not sure, someone correct me.


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    Try to connect to the user somehow. Either open a Direct connection or a video chat or talk or something.

    Then you can use the command posted above in cmd.exe, or you could use a program like NMap or similar to see which port opens up and then you'll have the IP!

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    Another option -

    Another option, locate a page that logs the *0 last visitors - tell him to visit the page for reading a special article, then go to the page and take a look at the list of visitors. (the idea is )

    If you own a website, you can add code for storing your visitor's ip and every header sent by the browser for a page that is visited or an image that is downloaded.

    or request a page counter (the are free sites that offer that) - that's the kind of stats a page counter do save (browser, ip, etc). --- you can even send the link by email and when the use opens the email, the image will download and the server that hosts the image will save the data you require

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    well first try to talk to this person whle there signed onto the screen name, then what you need to do is to make a "direct connection" by doing this you are now connected right to his/her computer.
    Now go to <Start>< Run>< and type in "command" (without quotes) then you will want to type in "netstat -n" (without the quotes). This will then open up a list of connections revieling the computers ip of which you are connected to.

    That should solve your problem!!

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    Smile Mac world

    can anyone do this with a mac via AIM
    the webpage idea works excellent thank you

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    Syntax created a script and you can register an account,then send people to that page. It will get you the ip adress. Look the main page of this site.
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    Maybe a Solution

    you could also get him to shoot you an email and click on the drop box by the email. Then click View Source, and find the "originating IP" which will be his ip then use ip2location to find his coordinates from there.

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