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Thread: (pass)word unscrambler or something similar?

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    (pass)word unscrambler or something similar?

    Is there a program out there that, if you were to put in a series of letters let's say teyruiocvlk for purpose of explanation, is there a program out there that could give you all the possible words from the letters entered, without using every letter for every word.

    To help you better understand

    I overlooked someone entering their password, I don't know what exactly they typed in, but I could see the general area of keys they used. So is there a program in which I can enter a series of letters, and it will give me all the possible word combinations?

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    This is a good anagram solver, but it can do the job you want, which is give all possible combinations of the letters. There are many options. I'm pretty sure that the password is a dictionary word, so you're in more luck.
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    cool, thanks a lot

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    if you want to hack a piczo site, use view sourse. right click on a piczo website home page or anyting then you should find lots of words and numbers. there are websites to go on (url), copy and paste a website you can see and it should take you to a eaiting website of theres, but its not easy as that. im stuck on that part, but try it and if you succeed, tell me.

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