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Thread: Help with hacker

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    Help with hacker

    I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about myspace, but this problem is getting serious.

    My brother's ex-girlfriend is a complete whackjob, but apparently a whackjob with some hacking skills. She's hacked into every myspace he's made, changed it around, then changed the email address so he couldn't get it back, went into his AIM accounts and signed him off his SN just for the hell of it, and when he tried to get back on he'd get signed off again.Then changed the passwords. She's gone into his email accounts, too. Thing is, none of us can figure out how she's getting the passwords so easily, and I'm pretty sure she's not a very smart person, so it can't be that she knows how to hack well.

    How can we get this problem fixed? And is there any way he can get his passwords back? Keep in mind, this girl is beyond reason. There's no talking to her, ever.

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    Wink Re:

    The first thing i can think about is to check your computer against trojans, backdoors & viruses. It might be possible the computer has a keylogger or similar that then reports whatever is typed to a given site or email address.

    Get a firewall + antivirus. I recommend Norton Internet Security, but takes sometime to learn how to use it.

    Second s***estion, use really strong passwords for opening accounts on sites like myspace, and use a really though question/answer instead of the classics like "You mom's maiden name" or "Your favourite sports team"... if she was his girlfriend i can almost be sure she knows everything like that and will easily gain access to those accounts.

    I guess she has succeeded on this with the collaboration of your brother.


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    I have a Mac, and I have all that stuff. And it's not any of my accounts, they're all his.

    Buttttt, we still need to get his Myspace and shit back, so he can do something about them. I don't know how to, and he's kind of technologically challenged, so...

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    i doubt she hacked into any of those myspace accounts, i bet you your brother told her his passes cause thats what boyfriends and gfs do.
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    well anyone can kick someone off aim and not let em back on.

    but the myspace thing is interesting,

    are you sure you dont have the passwords on autosave, or autofill, roboform, anything like that?

    maybe he stays logged in and 4gets 2 click logout.

    idk man, i s***est changing the PW and seeing if tht helps, good luck

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